Could there be a Wrongful Death Claim from the recent Braves Fan Fall?

Tragedy occurred on Monday when a Braves fan flipped over a railing and fell 65 feet to his death.  Whenever a death occurs it is important for the authorities to investigate for potential foul play, for a safety investigation to occur to prevent similar accidents, and for the surviving a spouse and family to have the facts reviewed for a potential wrongful death claim.  In the recent fall and death at the Braves game, the police do not believe anyone caused the young man to fall because witnesses saw him alone just before the fall.

Attorney Richard Griffin specializes in Georgia wrongful death claims. For a wrongful death claim to arise from this terrible fall there would have to be negligence that caused the fall. This negligence could include a defective rail or a slippery floor, but from the initial reports neither of these possibilities has been mentioned. The police have not released any information regarding alcohol being involved in this fall, but intoxication or any unsafe actions taken by the man that contributed to his fall would be possible defenses raised in any wrongful death lawsuit.

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