How much are Atlanta slip and fall personal injury claims worth?

The value of any personal injury claim is negotiated aggressively between the personal injury attorneys and the insurance companies that insure the claims. Jury verdict research can be used to educate clients so they can have realistic expectations about the value of their personal injury and wrongful death claims. Attorney Richard Griffin also uses jury verdict research to negotiate higher settlements by providing documentation that shows what the insurance companies exposures might be. Often the adjusters and their defense attorneys are surprised when they see the settlements and verdicts involving similar cases.

The Griffin Law Firm is one of the Atlanta personal injury law firms that utilizes jury verdict research extensively. Recently Attorney Richard Griffin noticed that the median jury verdict and settlement for slip and fall personal injury claims in Atlanta was $35,000.00. Further research revealed that this was the same as the median jury verdicts and settlements for slip and fall claims throughout the state of Georgia.

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